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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Geometric Cities

To wrap up our geometry unit, our class created geometric cities thanks to this cute activity from Lesson Plan SOS.

First, students were given a set of guidelines as to what their cities must have.  Then they had to complete a planning page like the one shown below.

Once the planning was complete, the kids began their designs on a big poster board.  They spread out all over the floor with their "construction tools"- markers, colored pencils, and rulers.

Once the construction was complete, we invited the other third grade classes over to vote on which city they liked the best.  After all the votes were tallied, this little lady won with her city "The Amazing World of Awesomeness".

It was such a fun experience for the the kids and I really enjoyed watching their creativity at work!


Lesson Plan SOS Teachers said... [Reply]

Your students did a great job!!! :)

Janaye said... [Reply]

Those came out great! :)

Casey said... [Reply]

I had my students do something simuliar to this but 3D, then they did a write up!! It has been one of my favorite projects!!

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