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Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Made It and a Freebie

Got a few things accomplished this week.  Nothing too spectacular but I did want to share.  My poor fingers should be super sore because seems like I have been doing lots of printing, laminating, and cutting.  Got my letters for my word wall completed.  I also managed to get my math vocabulary for the first semester finished, I bought Tara's Letters for Learning and got them ready, and I created a 3 Ways to Write Numbers foldable.  Other than that, I have just been trying to accomplish a few things around the house.  My classroom is ready, so I'll be heading over there in a bit to get started.  I'll be posting pictures of the progress. 

Click HERE to download this foldable.
Inside of Foldable

Some of the Math Vocabulary
Word Wall Letters

Click HERE to purchase this from Tara.


Elizabeth said... [Reply]

Your foldable is great! Thanks!

Fun in Room 4B

KRISTA said... [Reply]

You have been busy. These items look great!


Liliris said... [Reply]
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Liliris said... [Reply]

Your 3 Ways to Write a Number foldable will fit perfectly into my place value unit in September. Thanks for sharing!

Fourth Grade Garden

Miss Nelson said... [Reply]

Love your polka dots.

✣ Miss Nelson✣
Miss Nelson’s Blog

April Walker said... [Reply]

All looks great.
The Idea Backpack

Mrs. Reimann said... [Reply]

I love what you have made!

Little Treasures

Jill said... [Reply]

These look great. Thanks for sharing.


Allison Mogren said... [Reply]

I love your foldable! Thank you so much for sharing! I am your newest follower! I'd love for you to check out my blog and follow me as well!


Tara said... [Reply]

Hi Kristi!!! Love your foldable!!!! Thanks for sharing:) Thank you too for the Letters for Learning shout out:))) Too sweet! Thanks for linking up:))

4th Grade Frolics

Nichole Falkowski said... [Reply]

What a great foldable! I nominated you for an award...swing by my blog to pick it up!

Craft of Teaching

Kate said... [Reply]

LOVING the foldable. Pinning for later use :)

☼ Kate
To The Square Inch

Michelle said... [Reply]

Everything looks GREAT! :-) I'm going to have to investigate the scratch off on Pinterest (add to my "to do" list)
To answer your question, I ended up getting the blue toolbox too. The red one I had a photo of on my blog was just that...a photo. I hadn't taken an actual picture of mine yet. BUT, I DID see the red one online @ Amazon.

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