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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Removing the Freebies

Hello everyone!  Hope you all had a great 4th of July.  I certainly did.  

It was brought to my attention from a TpT seller that my Number of the Day printable is very similar to one that she has in her store.  In order to not compromise her sales, I am removing mine.  I am also removing the other posters I had for free because I am not sure I have followed all the rules of clip art copyrights.  I am new to this stuff and would never intentionally break any rules.  I sincerely apologize and hope that I haven't done too much damage. 


Unknown said... [Reply]

Ok I'm seriously bummed! I had found your number of the day paper and thought it was perfect. I booked marked the page to print later because I was out of ink. Now I notice it has been removed, ok yes I read your post and understand, but any chance you could email maybe a blank one to use as a template??? Please, please, please?

Christa Swaney said... [Reply]


Thanks for checking out my blog. I am your newest follower! I want to try the TPT store, but I am afraid of the same thing. There are so many things things being created each do you make sure you do it right? Your clip chart is super cute! I used it last year and it was a huge success!!!


Cindy said... [Reply]

Oh no! I found the number of the day chart on pinterest and now it's gone! So sad:( what is a tpt seller?

Cindy said... [Reply]

Oh no! I found the number of the day chart on pinterest and now it's gone! So sad:( what is a tpt seller?

Jenn8924 said... [Reply]

I also pinned it on Pinterest and was looking forward to printing it. Your number of the day was fabulous and I'd love it if you could share through personal email. I looked at all of them on TpT and nothing could hold a candle to yours!

Molly said... [Reply]


I also just saw it on Pinterest and came to see it and was bummed to see it was no longer there!! It looked super cute! I teach 4th grade and think that this would be a perfect activity for my students!! If you are emailing them out and want to add me to your list I would really appreciate it! :)

Lessons with Laughter

Kelly said... [Reply]

Hi Kristi,
I went and looked on TpT and I have to say that none were as good as yours! Also, there were a good 1/2 dozen that were free that were better than any paid ones :D Do you have the TpT seller's ID so I can see it?

Meredith said... [Reply]


I am a first-year third grade teacher and thought these would be perfect for little introduction lessons or maybe even a weekly quiz. I was so looking forward to printing them off and utilizing them in my room! Are you e-mailing a template? I would love to have your product!


Jenn said... [Reply]

Oh no!!! I had this pinned on interest also. Wah!!! If you are sending it out via email, can you please send it to me also??? I am so sorry for the problem this has caused you. I need to dig and see what a TpT is. Hmmm

Amanda said... [Reply]

So sad the number of the day is gone :( Can you get on TpT and have it up there to sell?? If not, I would love a copy of your template and will provide you with my email if that's possible. Great ideas!!!

Amanda Puckett said... [Reply]

Well, I am going to add my name and request to all of the others above. I echo every one of their sentiments: 4th grade teacher, saw it on pinterest, so excited to print it, SOOOOO bummed that it is gone, and finally...NOTHING on TpT is even close to what you came up with. I purchase off TpT a lot and love to pay for the wonderful things that other teachers come up with but I hate that something so quality is now gone.

Please email the Number of the Day file as well if you are at all willing.

THANK YOU so very much in advance! :)

Jody Magee said... [Reply]

I too am sooo sad! I went to print out your number of the day and it's hoo!
I also searched on TPT and I did not find any that compared to yours...pretty please repost it or send me the file. Thanks for considering it!

Anonymous said... [Reply]

I am so sad too! I had it pinned and now that I am getting ready to start school this coming week, was going through all my pinned ideas. Anyway to send it via email? I would greatly appreciate it!

Kim Peddle said... [Reply]

I agree! I would love your number of the day template. Would you be willing to share it with me?

Amanda C. said... [Reply]

I agree with all the above posts as well! I was waiting to print a copy too and now it's gone :(. If you're emailing it out please add me to your list too...
Thanks for all you do and your great ideas!

The Dailys said... [Reply]

Ack! I just came to print this and am so sad. If you are emailing:

Lisa Goodwin said... [Reply]

ok not sure why you took this down because I haven't found anything like it. Could you email me a copy of this's awesome!
thank you

Miss Cosby said... [Reply]

I've seen a lot of Number of the Day things. I've even purchased a packet for my firsties. I think it's noble of you I take it down for that reason. Maybe you can add it on there for $1 or something...seems like there is a want for it. I was going to share it with my upper grades.

Oh, but if you're emailing
You Might Be a First Grader ...

Anonymous said... [Reply]

i'm so bummed!!! It was perfect, and like everyone else, I pinned it to print later when school was closer to starting....wish I had printed it then!!! Are you emailing it? If so, I would LOVE a was just what my grade level needed!!!

4th Graders of Mission Viejo said... [Reply]

I know that this is redundant, but your copy is the best. I have half of one printed out and then my printer ran out of ink, so I might be able to save it with a pen, but would love a copy as it is super. Thanks so much!!

christinia Ellett said... [Reply]

Okay I have looked all over TPT and nothing compares to yours... I am throwing my name in there with everyone else- Your (Today's Number) is far better than anything else I've seen. I am willing to pay for it.
If you do put it up on TPT please let us know. Thanks

Mrs. Wells said... [Reply]

If you are still giving them out. I would love one, it looks great and I haven't found one that fits 4th grade.


vnxnfse said... [Reply]

WOW! What an amazing response to a wonderful product!! I want to throw in my email address to!!! I looked all over TpT and couldn't find anything to compare to your Number of the Day!!! Please email one to me as well if you are still offering.

Heather Mm said... [Reply]

I agree with all of the above comments--there are a lot of "Number of the Day" templates on TPT, but yours is one of the best that I've ever seen. I'd love a copy if you are willing to share via email. My email addy is

P.S. Most "Number of the Day" templates are quite similar so I hope you reconsider sharing your hard work.

Melissa S. said... [Reply]

Loved your printable...would love to have a copy via email if possible, It was perfect for modifying for my inclusion students. Thanks!

MzG said... [Reply]

I'd like to applaud your ethics in choosing to do what you see as the right thing. That being said,... I'd like to add my email to the requests :)

I'm not actually going to use anyone's form, I'm going to borrow from all of the ones that I find & create my own. I just don't want to forget any possibilities.

karapc13 said... [Reply]

I would also like your printable. I think it is awesome and would be great for my little guys!
Thank you!

sincerely, susie said... [Reply]

another one here sad to see this template is gone and would just love, love, love to have one. It is so well done!
Thanks so much!

Amy Wierks said... [Reply]

Which TpT seller has a similar Number of the Day? I'm interested in buying it, and have looked for something similar.... Thanks!

SamanthaL said... [Reply]

Is there any chance you are emailing them out? If so,

If not, do you know the name of the seller that has the template similar to yours? I printed out a copy when you still had it up but gave it to a parent to use over the summer. I absolutely LOVE how you set it up!

Thank you!

Laura Gannon said... [Reply]

If you can email the template or the actual page, I would be forever grateful. There is nothing out there on tpt remotely close to yours!! Here is my email, just in case!!! Thanks.

Laura Gannon said... [Reply]

There is nothing close to your number of the day on tpt!!! :( If you can I would love to throw my name in too!!

Courtney said... [Reply]

I would love a copy of it as well. I can't find anything like it when I search TPT. Send if you can. Thanks!

Adria said... [Reply]

Please! Please! Please!! My students need help working through number sense. Help us find the answer to where we can get one like yours!! (or just email it!)
P.S. LOVE your blog. It is apparent you have quite the fan base!!

the o'neil said... [Reply]

i would LOVE LOVE to have this. i am like everyone else - went to print and its gone. i was so looking forward to using this this year. if you are emailing it, i would love to have it. my email address is thank you so much!

Gail Merrill said... [Reply]

Totally agree. Waited too long,too. Could I get a copy? Thanks.

Tiffany said... [Reply]

In agreement. Don't mind purchasing from TPT, but didn't find one nearly as good as yours. So, whichever you'd like: provide the seller's info or send me the template please!

Shannon said... [Reply]

If you are emailing out, I'd love it as well. I couldn't find anything resembling yours :(

Thanks so much!

Soupy Teach said... [Reply]

Okay, here is what I loved...I loved that you were offering yours for free. Here's what I hate...I hate that when I go to pin something I find that it costs a fortune and then I just don't want it anymore. When I first started pinning so many things were free. It was awesome! Now it seems like pintrest is turning into and advertisement for everyone's TpT store. Yes I know that a lot of time and effort goes into producing all those awesome products and I wish I had the creative talent to do it all myself, but I don't. I also am not made of money and simply can't afford to buy everything that I want. Here's the thing, when someone offers cool stuff for free (as was the case with your number of the day) then I am much more likely to purchase something from you because I know that you have given me some free stuff that is quality as well. Now, off my soap box and onto the question at hand...can I jump on everyone's band wagon and request a copy of the template from you as well? And let me just say, thank you for offering some things for free!

Mary Katherine said... [Reply]

Adding my name in! Your number of the day is EXACTLY what I have been searching for!

Diana said... [Reply]

I'm sure you heard this 1,000 times, but YOUR number of the day is the best I've seen so far!!! If you're emailing it out- I'd LOVE a copy!!!

Thank you, thank you!

Diana said... [Reply]

I'm sure you heard this 1,000 times, but YOUR number of the day is the best I've seen so far!!! If you're emailing it out- I'd LOVE a copy!!!

Thank you, thank you!

tEAChing IS an ART said... [Reply]

I would LOVE to have a copy of your printable. I was saddened to find out today that you took them DOWN! The other printables sold by other sellers DO NOT compare to yours. If you are emailing them, please send me a copy...

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